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Tap On Tag™ is a VIRTUAL ROOM SERVICE for the Hospitality Industry, and MUCH MORE…Watch the Video

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tap on tag™
Virtual hotel room service
is a win for everybody

Warm customer relationships
don’t just happen by accident

They are built on superior service by providing customers with the product they want to get when they want to get it, and even before they know they want it. Implement your in-room technology.

Providing personalized interactions using Tap On Tag™ will increase your customer satisfaction and brand experience. SIMPLE YET POWERFUL Hospitality solution.

"Everything Your Guests Need"

Tap On Tag™ virtual Room Service includes a MOBILE self-service ordering concept WITH; Food & Drinks, Cellular Sim Cards, Table Booking, Event Tickets, Laundry Services and Flowers. 

All hotel customer orders are organized in our carefully selected logistics point.

We prepare all the food orders in our smart Cloud Kitchen service points. (Read more: Cloud Kitchen)

Food & Drinks

You will start serving food and drinks without investing in the kitchen or staff. Seamless integration to multiple POS systems

Roaming Sim Cards

Your international guests need affordable data. Why not offer an easy solution? We will get you covered with Travel Sim cards. (also eSim)

Table Booking

You can reserve a table in popular restaurants and sell event tickets for your guests. They'll love it, and you will get extra revenue.

Tickets & Events

Launch your event ticketing in just minutes or spread your Mobile Gift Cards. Boost your sales with our unique Mobile Sales Person feature.

Ecological Local Economy

Tap On Tag™ is the Secret Weapon for Successful Hotels

Watch the video!

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The leading mobile menu, ordering & payment platform for contactless room service.

“Tap On Tag is designed to increase revenue, enhance the guest experience and optimize operations of the travel and hospitality industry.”

Julia Andersson VP Marketing

Behind every strong brand are strong customers and partners

Choosing TAP ON TAG™ as your digital solution partner will provide you with a seamless customer and brand experience, ownership of your customer data, and a full-stack technology that is easy to implement and manage.

Our developers have great experience in the development of both simple and complex web or mobile applications.

Virtual Room Service



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