Outrageously Entertaining City Tour Games

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What are City Tour Games?

City Tour Games are Location-Based games (LBG) for the whole family. Our games are played in the real world using handheld devices like mobile phones.

City Tour Games are based on a player’s physical location. The same category includes e.g. popular Pokemon Go, Escape Rooms and Geocaching.

By playing City Tour Games, tourists will enter virtually guided City Tours. They explore the main attractions of the cities and at the same time learn the history by playing the game.

Shopping and Hopping

If you want to make the most of your tourist marketing, you can enter a results-oriented partnership with us. We produce City Tour games guided by mobile phones for city centres, shopping malls, and service providers.

From us, you get addictive and effective game concepts for acquiring new valuable customers of the tourist target groups. In all our game concepts, the results of your in-game marketing campaign are directly measurable. 

In addition to the evergreen guided City Walking Tours, we produce BAR-HOPPING TOURS and SHOPPING TOURS in the form of a game.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"-Albert Einstein

Use interactive games for your business

City Tour Games are location-based gaming apps that can locate players via GPS, NFC Tags or QR codes. Games use that information to direct users towards specific aspects of the environment or encourage particular types of interactions.

This means that with our games we can guide tourists to find your business and become your new customers cost-effectively. (various activities, beauty care, fashion stores, restaurants, nightclubs, online shops, etc.)

As a brand owner, you get unique visibility in our games, which always leads to a predetermined event. (purchase or lead)

Some of Our Game Concepts

Booze Card

A guide to the hottest party places in town.

Ghost Tours

The exciting ghost stories of the cities will live forever.

Shopping Tours

Play, shop and save. A fun-loving city guide for the whole family.

Walking Tours

Game-guided walking tours of “must see” places.


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