Tap On Tag™ is an END-TO-END SELF-SERVICE ORDERING platform designed for restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and event promoters. WATCH THE VIDEO!

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To achieve customer satisfaction and bring in more sales, you need to boost your speed of service. This refers to the amount of time it takes for your staff to serve your customers.

In the dynamic, competitive restaurant market, it’s more important than ever for your team to focus on speed of service to drive sales and guest satisfaction. We help you to keep your restaurant operations competitive in a modern world.

tap on tag™ is The Secret Weapon
for Successful Restaurants

Seamless Service

Your customers view the menu, place orders and pay from their phones.
You want a solution that is user-friendly, fast, and reliable.

Warm customer relationships don’t just happen by accident

  • Long wait times and long lines can make restaurants unbearable.
  • To address these challenges, you can use a self-service food ordering system.
  • If you’re a restaurant owner looking into automating ordering and payments through a self-service ordering system, you’re in the right place.

For Better Restaurant Service

The experience is now everything to consumers, and technology plays a major role in providing the ultimate experience, from browsing the menu online to receiving loyalty rewards.

Ensuring the fastest restaurant service brings significant benefits to both you and your customers. First, when you can speed up service, you can process customer orders faster. Higher customer turnover means higher revenue.

Why Tap On Tag™?

Self-Service Ordering

Tap On Tag™ is the labour solution you’ve been looking for. When your waiter is on a mobile device screen, your guests will spend MORE MONEY.

Table Reservation Platform

Enable your guests to make reservations easily online. Reduce the effort of answering reservation inquiries by email or on the phone.

Private Party Planner

An online Party Planner will help reduce the number of unnecessary questions about prices and save time for further work with the order.

Unique Street Team Tool

Build your STREET TEAM AMBASSADOR programs. Have them sell your tickets and bookings direct to friends with the mobile sales system.

Reduce your labour needs by up to 35%

Servers who excessively walk back and forth from the counter or dining room to the kitchen are working inefficiently and are costing you money, so be sure their hands are full and they are making the best use of their trips.

You can simplify the ordering process and cut labour costs by offering online or mobile ordering. Customers can order anywhere and get their food as soon as they enter the restaurant.

Tap On Tag™ is a WIN for everybody. 

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The leading mobile menu, ordering & payment platform for contactless dine in.

“Tap On Tag is designed to increase revenue, enhance the guest experience and optimize operations of the travel and hospitality industry.”

Julia Andersson VP Marketing

Behind every strong brand are strong customers and partners

Choosing TAP ON TAG™ as your digital solution partner will provide you with a seamless customer and brand experience, ownership of your customer data, and a full-stack technology that is easy to implement and manage.

Our developers have great experience in the development of both simple and complex web and mobile applications.


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