The Best Prepaid Data Plans & SIM Cards for International Travellers

Offer Your Hotel Guests Up To 80% Savings
On International Roaming Charges

Since many of your hotel guests are international tourists, it makes sense for them to buy an affordable and fast mobile data package from your hotel.

You improve your hotel’s services and get additional income by offering your customers affordable mobile data because they need it all the time – Train and bus tickets are digital, restaurant menus are digital, museum/event tickets are electronic and Google Maps also needs data.

How does it work?

Selling prepaid SIM cards from your hotel is reasonably straightforward. 

We deliver the necessary materials to your hotel and take care of your staff’s guidance. In the easiest case, your guests buy a digital eSim directly from your TAP ON TAG hotel room service, so your staff does not have to do anything.

Our agreements with the world’s leading telecom operators guarantee your customers an easy way to save on international roaming charges. So they have more money to spend on your services. In addition to this, mobile data brings additional income to your hotel.

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